Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tree hugging II

Some of you have sent us pictures and we hope that we get even more in the future.

These pics have arrived from Cleveland, Ohio where an architect friend of ours sent his wife on a mission. The mission of the day was to go hug some trees. They found a sad looking tree up a slope a bit. Bruce sent his wife up the slope and took this picture. Sadly when she was reaching out for the tree to give it a big hug Bruce's camara ran out of battery.

So much effort and no tree hugging picture. But there is a tree on a steep slippery slope somewhere close to Cleveland, which is a happy tree.

What do you do when it is really cold outside and you really want to hug a tree. For some of us it would be a big problem, but Vivi has found a perfect solution. Go hug your dusty plant in the corner. Look how the plant has longed for a warm embrace and gently touching Vivi's cheek. That is one lucky plant. Thanks Vivi.

Anma and I are, if we can say it ourselves, quite experienced tree huggers. Listen up - You have to pick a good site, when you go tree hugging. This next picture is from the town where the South and the North signed the end of the American Civil War. The town is called a long and impossible name to spell but it starts with an A. (Appomattox) Anma is hugging a younger Southern magnolia and I have my arms partly around a big old oak. I am sure that this oak was probably there when General Lee rode his horse up that long bending road to the court house where General Grant was waiting with his pen.

Christmas in Virginia 2006

Philip and I made it over to Lynchburg for the holidays to relax and spend some time with my parents and my brother Eric. We bought a real tree, eventhough the thermometer read 65 degrees, ate and ate and ate, visited some historical sites around the area and basically had a really good time. Click on the picture to open the album.