Tuesday, November 28, 2006

United Tree-Huggers

Spreading love to nature is important in this materialized world. Hugging a tree is free and you will look like a fool guarantied. So why do it. I started my tree hugging carrier in downtown New York. I hugged a few trees and I definitely put a few smiles on peoples faces. Hugging trees is also caring about trees. We take trees for granted, so we need to think about nature a little more, maybe even plant a few trees in the garden.

My friends say I always come up with some funny projects. Well here is a funny project for you. Start sending me picture of you and friends hugging a tree. It would be nice it you have a short story to tell. Spread the word. The most wanted pictures are of politicians hugging trees. If we can get them to hug a tree maybe they will take the trees (nature) into consideration next time they are planning new road etc.

Send pictures to thonningjr@yahoo.com

Monday, November 27, 2006

Our New home

We are finally settling down in our new apartment in Espergærde. Moving from Copenhagen NV to Espergærde is quite a change. It's like moving from Harlem (not quite) to a coastal city in Maine.

Our day has changed, which takes a little getting use to. Especially for me because I now get to work at 10 AM. We have started to walk 45 minutes every morning (when it is not raining), which is really nice. You also get to see the neighborhood and its people rushing to work.

Click on the picture to see slide show.